Buttermilk Basin Team

Our Team Measures Up!

Our seasoned team members love fibers and creating as much as you do! We’re always happy to answer questions or help you find inspiration for your next project. Visit the Basin and say hello!



  I live in the Northern ‘burbs of the Twin Cities with my husband, George, and our two daughters, Hannah and Grace. I love to CREATE and am an avid “MAKER!” I come from humble beginnings filled with some of the most amazing childhood memories—most of which many people could only dream of having. I work seamlessly, have a tireless work ethic and use all my energy to make things happen for Buttermilk Basin and my fantastic customers. In short, I’m a “mover and a shaker” who takes pride in her work! As a bonus, I LOVE making everything I do FUN! I admit to being a night owl; I love Diet Coke on ice; and I always look forward to daily snuggles from my “cat farm” (e.g., my five cats! LOL!). Most importantly, I LOVE sharing my passion for creating and my love for all things vintage!




Meet the Core of Team Basin




Jodi is our “go to” gal who oversees various aspects of BB, is my right hand gal and quilt instruction guru! She is also a wonderful quilter, problem solver and cook! She knows most everything, since she has been with me from my “humble beginnings” days and has played a valuable role in company’s growth! Her best quality: She never complains and is also the official BB cook and baker!



Diana is one of the newest team members & hardest workers at the Basin!  She is our “rock star” shipper! She comes in early and makes sure the kit team knows what she needs, prints the patterns for the gals to stuff, fills & ships all orders and does it with ease!  I can’t imagine what we did without her! Her best quality: She’s quick & efficient and makes me laugh!

Joey The Buttermilk Basin Team




Joey is one of the hardest workers at the Basin and her hand work is second to none, {me included!}! She brings joy, laughter and inspiration to the kit team & shop! I am thankful our paths crossed at a local quilt shop, as she became my embroidery gal, after my mother passed away.  I am so grateful to have her as a model maker! Her best quality: She does everything well!




Kelly started out as my punch needle model maker, who turned into an embroidery stitcher, followed by a wool appliqué gal, piecer and most recently, quilter! She is all around a very talented gal who LOVES to stitch as much as she can! {And I appreciate it!} She brings organization & consistency to the kit team and shop. Her best quality: She’s detail oriented and puts up with my chicken scratch stitching instructions!




Juel, like others, was a customer turned employee!  She is very knowledgeable about what we do and how we do it, which makes her customer service second to none!  She is the “one” you talk to and will ensure your customer service needs are met! She is also happy to assist us in any way she can and usually works late with me!  Her best quality: Her knowledge about working with wool & running the keys to me when I lock myself out of the shop