About Buttermilk Basin

Buttermilk Basin, in Spring Lake Park, Offers an Inspired Shopping Experience

Did you know we have a have a brick and mortar store that you can come shop or take a workshop at?  
It’s located in the heart of the Midwest, Minnesota! If you are traveling through the Twin Cities, this is a “must stop” on your journey!  Flying in to MLPS Airport, we are only 30 minutes away!

At the Basin, we work hard to provide you with an inspired, one-of-a-kind, memorable shopping experience from the moment you walk through our door. We take pride in filling our shop with exceptional products you will love just as much as Stacy does!



There’s a little something for everyone at the Basin, including fresh inspiration for you, your handwork and sewing projects, gathered goods for your home and seasonal décor to celebrate each season. We are ever changing and evolving, so be sure to stop back frequently so you don’t miss a thing!

The shop itself is also artfully staged and set up with one goal in mind: to inspire you to start a new project and see how it can be displayed in your own home!  We hope that you’ll come to visit and leave refreshed, inspired & excites to create! 


Humble Beginnings

“From little acorns grow mighty oak trees.”
– American Proverb

Many of you have asked about my story, where it all began and how the Basin came about. So here’s how the story goes…

I grew up in Northern Minnesota, out in the county surrounded by 3 generations of family in a small town called Roseau. Up the hill lived my great grandparents and my grandparents, both on my mother’s side. My great grandmother Lily, my grandmother Avis & my mother Linda, were so amazing & talented in many ways and played the leading role in journey. They were bakers, gardeners, sewers, rug makers & quilters for starters! Growing up surrounded by 3 generations of makers, one cannot help but be creative! They truly were inspiring and embraced my creative spirit! I don’t recall a day that went by that I wasn’t creating, making or dreaming! And, if you know me, I {DREAM BIG} and never look back! While I grew up in the same yard as my family, I also had wonderful neighborhood kids that I enjoyed growing up playing with. And.. boy were we creative! We wrote and put on some of the most hilarious plays! Our mother’s clotheslines would “set the stage” with cookies and some of the best Kool-Aid you have ever tasted would be served during intermission! And it was never grape, as my great grandmother Lily just didn’t like the color of “grape” Kool-aid!

If I wasn’t spending time with my family or the neighborhood kids, I could be found out in the yard taking care of animals on our small hobby farm or tending the garden with my dad, Donald.  We were 2 peas in a pod! He also taught me how to work with my hands and was my biggest supporter! 4-H was also a very big part of my younger years. I entered everything from flowers, my mom’s chocolate drop cookies, and even showed chickens & rabbits at our local county. Each year I would win grand champion ribbons which would earn me a 7.5 hours trip down to the “Twin Cities” to exhibit at the State Fair!  Those trips were some of my most memorable days of the summer!

In school, I studied home economics, woodshop & took every art class I could.  I ran out of art classes to take, so I had to do an independent art class my senior year.  I truly enjoyed working with every medium I came across. While in high school, my mom and I started selling our handcrafts. She sewed dolls, while I cut out wood pieces on dad’s scroll saw & painted decorative woodcrafts. On the weekends, we sold our goods at craft shows around the area.  My mom and I had {SEW} much fun together on this part of my journey!

Before I knew it, I was off to college and enjoying working in an array of various mediums as I studied Technical Illustration/Graphic Design.   I LOVED every minute of those classes and all the late nights working on our projects, that were do the next day! I also met my husband, George, the first day there and before I knew it, he was helping mom & I work our shows, while learning very quickly that creating is my passion!

Fast forward a few years to…. my life as I knew it would never be the same.  My dad had passed away unexpectedly. Before I knew it, I turned to my talent, and started a pattern company with my mother {Pitter Patter Pigtail Girls} to help provide an income for her and my brother, Aaron.  Little did we know that in doing so, we would be healing our hearts through handwork.

As time passed, and our hearts were healing, George and I had started our family, we had renovated an early 1900’s barn and turned it into a primitive gift shop and antiques, but distance {7.5 hours} made it very hard to work together.  At that point, they took over the shop, while I formed a new company. In 2002, “Buttermilk Basin” was born! The rest is a whirlwind of years of hard work, learning, good timing, good people and GREAT designs! 

My Company Name

Why “Buttermilk Basin,” many of you have asked?  Do you own a bakery? Actually, buttermilk is an ingredient, so it could be possible!  However, my great grandmother Lily was {SEW} inspiring growing up and played such a big part in my life, that I wanted to honor her and name my business after her!  As a child, she got polio and her family was told she would not survive it. Well, as any strong Scandinavian women in our family, she proved them wrong and lived to be almost 101!  

How amazing is that?! Even though she lost the ability to use her left arm from polio, she was an amazing and did everything better than any one of us! Not to mention, she outworked many half her age!  Since she never wanted running water in her small house, we would always have to use the “basin” to wash our hands in before we ate. She was also a huge baker and I swear “buttermilk” was a staple and went in most every recipe!  Hence, Buttermilk Basin was born! 


So now you’ve read a little bit about my history and where my “humble journey” began. Today at the Basin, we are THRIVING! We’ve produced hundreds of quilting, sewing, stitching, punch needle and wool appliqué patterns with a “vintage inspired” look that can be seen in many of your favorite quilt shops around the country!

Each year, we are fortunate to design various fabric collections of licensed designs in wool, cottons & yarn dyes for a one of the leading fabric companies in the industry, Riley Blake Designs. It truly is a dream come true! To read a bit more about our fabric and wool line and how to find them, please see Stacy’s Fabric Lines page or read through our Fabric FAQs.

We also have a brick and mortar shop, Buttermilk Basin, in Spring Lake Park, MN. We are open weekly and are continually evolving our shop to meet the needs of our customers. WOOLSTOCK, is one of our biggest events of the year there! We host an epic 3-Day Wool Workshop where people fly in from all over the country! If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend, we know you would LOVE it!

Exhibiting at trade shows, coordinating trunk shows of our products, and collaborating on books and magazines with our favorite publishers is also a very exciting division of our company. If you are a store, editor or show owner, please contact us if you are interested in any of the above. We are ALWAYS looking for ways to collaborate and support our industry!

Yes! There is still more! We travel several times a year to do national and international teaching engagements, workshops and seminars. Unfortunately, due to our design schedule and our commitment to our family, our schedule is quite full! If you are a store, guild or retreat venue that is interested in having Stacy come speak or teach, please contact us to see our availability. Please check the calendar for our upcoming engagements.

We are always working on new projects, one-of-a-kind events, so who quite knows where we might go or what we might do next!!!!

More Fun Tidbits!

Besides working as a designer in the quilting industry {which truly is a DREAM job}, I am passionate about vintage anything, my family & my 5 CATS! I love to collect antique quilts, sewing items of any kind, vintage seasonal decorations, and anything that brings back warm childhood memories! Any chance I have {which is few and far between}, I am hitting the road to shop at antique shops & junk shows in search of a good find! And, YES! My husband supports this madness and has even purchased vintage goods for gifts to me on Etsy! {Insert happy face!} My husband, George, and my two lovely daughters, Hannah & Grace are my truest inspiration and the core of the “Buttermilk Basin”. Each of them continue to play a role on my team! One day, I hope to have the opportunity to work with George! For now, he enjoys the corporate world! We also have 5 cats! Wilma, Oliver, Bella, Oscar and Henry! I {LOVE} to rescue cats and my dream is to have a cat rescue one day! Until then, I will continue to support rescues!

Enough about me! I’m {SEW} excited to hear about YOU! I’d love to hear about your creative journey, what your FAV medium to work in with and of course, we LOVE to see your BB finishes! If you want to receive regular updates about “The Basin” our new patterns, giveaways and events to name a few, then add yourself to our mailing list and follow us on social media! {We are very “social”!!} Again, we are {SEW} glad you are here and we truly look forward to getting to know you and meeting your handwork needs the best we can!