Mini Event with Guest Lecturer: Edie McGinnis

Mini Event with Guest Lecturer: Edie McGinnis

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What is this Mini Event? 

Stacy loves to surround herself with people who inspire her with their passion, enthusiasm and who feed her creative soul in the quilting industryHere, you will be able to meet up with one of those people, learn about them and enjoy a 1 hour plus curated presentation on their choosing and shop from their trunk show!  

Mini Event #101 | September 18th  | 3:30-5 | Cost $25

Guest Lecturer: Edie McGinnis  

Kansas City Star Quilts  

Edie McGinnis is the former associate editor of Kansas City Star Quilts. During her tenure at The Star, she began collecting antique quilts that had been made by quilters using the patterns that had been published in The Star from 1928 to 1961. During her trunk show, she tells how the quilt feature in the paper came about, the patterns that were published, as well as the designers who had overseen the feature. She recently curated an exhibit of her collection at The National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky. 

Mini Event #102 | September 19th | 3:30-5 | Cost $25 

Guest Lecturer: Edie McGinnis  


Vintage cotton bags that once held commodities are featured in this trunk show. Not only will you be able to see a wide range of original bags, but beautiful quilts made from these humble fabrics are also shown. You will hear about how staples for the kitchen such as salt, sugar, and flour, as well as feed for farm animals, came to be packaged in fabric bags. During hard times, the bags were an enormous windfall to the homemaker who sewed clothing for the family. And once the bag manufacturers began using dress prints for the bags, women were able to make lovely clothing from the fabric some called “chicken linen.” 

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