Hello Fall! by Hannah West

Hannah's love for fall was her inspiration!  Fall is hands down her FAV season!  She has fond memories of family trips to the pumpkin patch, picking apples off the trees at the local apple orchard and raking piles of leaves and jumping in them with her sister Grace. 

Now, pumpkin spice "everything", the smells of freshly baked pumpkin muffins and hot apple crisp with ice cream also help fuel her love for fall.  Regardless the age, this quilt will truly be a staple in your seasonal decor for years to come!  We hope you join us as we bring autumn, in all it's glory right to your door starting next week!


This program will starts the 1st week in October and runs for 5 weeks!

Each block is $25.00. 
Weeks 1-4 you will receive 2 blocks each week/$50 plus shipping.
Week 5 you will receive the last block $25.00 & finishing kit (TBD).


This quilt is made up of 9 wool appliqued blocks.  First shipment will include 2 blocks with wool applique.  Over the next 4 weeks, you will receive the remaining blocks with instructions and kits, with the last week will include the last block along with the finishing kit & instructions on putting the quilt together.  We will also have a thread "starter" kit, a button pack and coordinating backing available for purchase. 


Purchase Hello Fall! today!

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