BASIN Subscriptions

Here you will find all the MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS that we offer!

{Sign ups END February 28

After February, this will  not be an option and you will have to order each month individually. 

Below you will find our current monthly subscriptions. These subscriptions will run from February to December 2017. Each month your card will automatically be charged for your subscription and your items will be shipped directly to your door without the hassle of ordering each new release, each month! You will also receive benefits such as 1. A Reduced Rate on Most Items & 2. Reduced Shipping (approximately $3.50 each month). The monthly subscription price includes shipping charges and a 11 month commitment.

If you want to order January's items, you can either call the shop to add it to your order on the SAME DAY you place your order for the subscription or order January's items online again on the SAME DAY and we will manually refund you the shipping. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the shop at 763-792-0638!  Thanks!!!


Basin Bundles * $31.50 Per Month * {Includes Shipping!}


Hexi Mats Thru the Year Pattern & Kit * $30.50 Per Month * {Includes Shipping!}

We {LOVE} Hexies and we know you do too!  These mats are 11.5 inches round and are simply sweet!  Each month will feature monthly related items nestled within 3 of the hexies.  The remaining 3 hexies will feature a great texture to enhance the mat.  A variety of stitches will also be used to make the details pop!  This project coordinates with our other monthly subscription below!  It is the perfect project to grace your side table!  Get creative and keep adding to the mat!  Options are endless!  Each month you will receive a pattern & wool kit for each mat.  Subscriptions end February 28th... so sign up today!


A Year of Hexi "WORD" Door Greeters Pattern & Kit * $58.50 Per Month * {Includes Shipping!}

Again... We can't get enough of HEXIES!  This door greeter series is a MUST!  We can't wait to switch this on our SHOP door every month!  This piece is 9 X 32.5 inches.  It features warm, gorgeous wools with a yarn dyed sleeve sewn on the top to hang design on a metal hanger.  It can also be hung with clips or clothespins!  Each month, a 4 letter themed "WORD" will reflect that month's personality with one hexi having a motif replacing a letter!  How FUN!!!  Again, it features creative stitches and warm inviting wools & a coordinating yarn dyed cotton.  If you like this... you will LOVE the other months!!!  This series also coordinates with our Hexi Mats thru the Year!  Each month you will receive a pattern & wool kit for each mat.  Subscriptions end February 28th... so sign up today!